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When cherry tree blooms, people go and walk there, eat dumpling, bring sake and talk each other such things as
"A superb view!" and "Full of spring here", and they become very happily and cheerful. But this is a lie. People
gather below cherry trees and get drunk, vomit, fight, which are happening since the old days of Edo period. From
long time ago.

People feel just bloodcurdling. Nobody enjoy a superb view. Now people feel very happy and prosperous, because
people drunk and fight. But cherry trees remove people when the place has a frightening view.

There is a Noh play story which is about kidnapping a child. The mother, seeking her child, crazed. She got under
the full of cherry trees and saw them. As looking a vision of her child on the millions of petals, she craze, she
buried petals of cherry and she dies. (This is a superfluity). In this way, if there are nobody under full of cherry
tree, the seene is become just bloodcurdling one.

Long time ago, Suzuka, the highest place along the mountain road, was the place traveler should pass under full of
cherry trees. It is good on the season when cherry brossam does not bloom, but when the flower season come, all
the travelers craze. They rush each other to run away from there, and ran at full speed to a dead tree or to the
cherry tree not yet opened. One feels better, because running away for the cherry tree is running away from his
life, and when he get under an usual tree, he gives a sigh of relief. That's all.

Some people does not succeed. Everyone has his own running speed and some is slower than others. One person
shouts, "Hey! Wait!' but everyone is crazy, everyone leave his fried and run away. And last, they come to the end
of Suzuka road. Passing under cherry trees, they are on a bad terms each other. They can't believe each other.
Therefore traveler don't pass under the cherry trees and they are taking trouble to go a long way around. Cherry
forest is near of a highway and fall behind the 'nobody-pass quiet mountain'.

Few years later, a bandit settled in this mountain. He was a very cruel guy. Sometimes he teared off the Kimono
of the traveler and also killed people. This guy feels bloodcurdling and crazes when he comes under a cherry
forest. So the bandit dislikes the flower. He thought and muttered to himself, "Flower is frightening me. Somehow
I dislike it." Under the cherry blossom, there is not winds but even though he feels like hearing a roaring of the

Yet there was no winds nor sounds. Only his body and his foot steeps and there are covered by "the no move
and quiet busy winds". He thought his soul become weaken and his life shaken just like petals fall. He wanted to
close his eyes, screamed to someone and run away immediately. If he closed his eyes, he surely hit to the cherry
trees. For this reason, he must keep his eyes open, and so he became more crazed.

Bandit is calm guy and unknown repentance. He thought? "This is strange. Okay, I'll just try to think about it next
year." Ssomehow he didn't feel like thinking over it this year. And he thought during the next year, and when
flowers were fully open, he stopped to think. He thought every year, and many, many years passed. He thought,
"I'll just try to think next year" and year passed again.

He used to have a wife. They rapidly increased to seven in no time. Now, he kidnapped his 8th wife from highway
with her ex-husband's Kimono. He killed her husband.

Bandit felt "strange" when he killed woman's husband. He was out of his element. But he didn't know why. Really
strange; however, he was not used to being particular about things, as he wasn't mindful.

At first, bandit didn't think about killing the man. He thought just to strip all his wears, said "Get off!", and kicks
the man, as usual. But as the woman was too mach beautiful, he happen to cut down the man. This happening
was unknowningly happened for him and also for the woman. Nothing made the better evidence that when he turn
his face, woman is paralyzed with fright and absent-minded, looking the bandit's face.

"You are my wife from today," bandit said, and woman nodded. He took her hand and raised her up. She says, "I
can't walk. Please carry me." Bandit said "All right, all right", and he carried her easily. When they came to a
steep mountain path, bandit said, "Here is dangerous. You get down and walk." But woman clang to his shoulder
and said "No, no." She didn't get down.

'The hard mountain path, and you are painful, too. Why on earth you think I can walk?"

"All right, all right. Good, good."

Bandit was in high spirits though he was tired. "But I ask you once more for you to get down. I am strong, and I
don't feels tired and don't want a break. I impatiented because my eyes are not being behind my head. I want to
look at your pretty face just for a second."

"No, no" woman said and hung his neck violently. "I can't endure this lonely place just for a moment. You run
quickly to your home. If you can't, I will not be your wife. If you makes me feel lonely, I cut my tang and die."

'Okay, okay. I grant all of your asking."

Bandit thought his future with this beautiful wife, and he felt a sweet happiness. He is haughty and showed her,
the front of mountain, back of the mountain, right side of the mountain, and left side of the mountain. He once
turned and showed around mountains, saying 'These mountain and mountain, all of them are mine.'

Women disregard. Bandit was vexing.

"All right. You can watch mountains and mountains, trees and trees, valleys and valleys. Clouds from the valley,
too. All of things are mine.'

"Quickly walk. I don't want to be left under this rocks precipice.'

"All right, all right. Soon reaching my home. Arriving there, I will cook exceptionally delicious foods."

"Can't you be more quick? Run more faster."

"This slope path is heavy when I was running alone."

"You shows no power. You have no backbone. Really you aren't much of a man. Oh, oh. From now on, what should
I depended upon?'

"What are you saying? This slope is nothing.'

"Hey, come on. Are you tired?'

"Don't say stupid. When I pass this slope, I can run faster than a deer."

"But you look so tired. Your face is turning blue."

"Everything start from this. Soon an impetus come to me, and I can run faster that you will faint."

But now, bandit is so tired as if his body brakes. And when they arrived his home, he was dazzled, his ears ringing,
no power as he wants peace on a hoarse voice. Seven wife met him, but all he can do is to relax his stony body
and put off the woman from his behind.

Seven wives were impressed by this beautiful woman, and the woman surprised on seven wives' dirtyness.
Formally, they must be very beautiful all seven, though now was miserable. Women felt weird, and move backward
to bandit's back.

"Who are these mountain women?"

"They are my old wives."

He has difficulty to say "old". That was a good idea, but she was unsparing. "Oh, these are your wives."

"So, you, aaa--. But I never knew the pretty woman like you."

"Please cut and kill this wives."

The woman shouted and pointed to the most beautiful woman among the seven.

"Hey, you. You can do without killing. You can think these women as just a maid."

"You killed my husband. And you cannot kill your wife? And yet you want me?"

A groan came from bandit's shutted mouth. The man sprang on the wife pointed by her in just one jump. He cut
and killed her. He didn't have a time to breathe.

"Next is her. Hey, next is this women!'

Bandit hesitated, but soon he barged in six wives, and he pierced the big KATANA into the wife's neck to whom
she had pointed. 'The woman's erotic and innocence voice' who was pointed made a beautiful echo when the head
is yet to stop moving.

"This woman. Next."

The appointed woman covers her face by her hands, and shouted "Kyaaa!!!" The big KATANA reacted the
scream, run and flashed in the air. Remaining wives suddenly stood up and run in all direction.

"If you lose any of them, you'll be sorry for that. Hey, one person in the shadow of the thicket. One person gets
right away."

Bandit swung up the bloody KATANA and ran crazy among the mountain trees. One woman, she was paralyzed
with fright and failed to escape. This woman is the most ugly and lame. When the man cut and killed all women, he
came back and find this lame women. He swung up easily, when;

"No, this woman is not be killed. She works as my maid."

"Of course I do."

"You stupid. I say no. No killing."


He threw away his bloody KATANA and fell on his back. He retched and tired, dazzled, and began to understand
the meaning of the saying, 'the hip bearing from the ground.' He felt the silence casually.

He fell up in fear almost jumping. He is startled and turned his face. The woman stood in a downhearted taste. He
felt like waking up from a bad dream. And he felt his eyes stuck up and his soul too, naturally, that he couldn't
move. But he was anxious. What was he anxious, why was he anxious, by whom he is anxious, he couldn't know any
of them. The woman was too beautiful, his soul suck up to her because he didn't mind 'his anxious wave' very
much. Nothing more. "Somehow, this feels like something," he thought. When-this-like-this-is.

This --- he thought. "Yeah, that is," he surprised.

Under the full of cherry forest. This was like walking under the trees. Which, what, how is resembling, but he didn't
know why. But surely he felt like this. He could understand it, but he didn't mind.

The end of the long winter came. A top of mountain, a shadow of a tree, a ravine, snows were only left just a
little. But soon the flower season came and 'the spring symptom' shone all over the sky.

"This year--when the cherry flowers open...," he thought when passing under the flowers. Then he decided to
walk under the flowers. When he went one step after another, he began to craze. At the front, back, right, left.
Whichever he watched, there were filled with flowers. When he came near to the center of the forest, he couldn't
stand it as nothing. "Okay, this year, I will not move from the center of the forest. No, no. I am dare to sit down
on the ground," he thought. "When it will be the time, let's come with the women."

He thought this casually and glance her face when he felt uneasy and avoided his eyes in a fluster. "If she knows
my thinking, this is a serious problem." He doesn't know why, but it left and scorched on his heart. CHAPTER 2

The woman was a very selfish person. Even though bandit cooked finest food, she always express her
dissatisfaction. He run through the mountain for hunting birds and dears. He hunted wild boars and bears, too.

The lame woman always seek nuts and grass roots. But the woman was never satisfied.

"Do you mean I must eat this foods everyday?"

"But this is exceptionally delicious food. I can eat once each ten days when you were not here."

"You are all right because you are mountain guy. But these can't pass my throat. In this lonely depth in the
mountain, I can hear only owl voices during the long night. At least, I must eat good foods.

"Do you know the city winds? Do you know my 'wind' has stopped? You can't even imagine this, too. You snatch
my city winds, and in place of that, you give me a only 'claws and owls voices'. And you can't feel it 'disgraceful' or
'it's a cruel things' to do.' or anything."

Bandit couldn't understand the woman's cursed words. He didn't know how the city winds feels. It is impossible to
make even a wild guess. He couldn't remember the fact that "this life and this happiness is not enough." He was
just perplexity by her cursed-painful taste and he didn't know what he should do. He sufleings from that.

He couldn't remember how much he killed city people. The passengers from city is a rich and so are their
belongings, too. Because there were good and easy suckers. When bandit snatched their things, if the goods were
cheap, bandit used to said, "Shit, this country guy!" or "Cheep farmer, you!!". In short, he knew only this : "The
city is where rich people lives, and from whom I take." He didn't need to know even the direction of the city.

The woman loves combs, ornamental hairpins, lipsticks and so on. She reprimanded when he only touched it by his
mud hands or by his wet hands with the blood of animals. Just as if Kimono was her soul.

And her duty was this. She ordered to clean her room and home cares. As she had not enough of a Kosode, one
of her thin lace, she wore some of Kimono and some of laces. That laces tied in a strange form, hang down
unnecessary, some ornaments plus. Therefore, these make a one complete form.

Bandit opened his eyes wide. And he sighed. He agreed. Therefor one beauty made and he was satisfied with her
beauty. It was accepted as being beyond doubt. None of a piece (such as imperfection or incomprehensible) came
together and make to one thing. He analyzed to go back a piece of nonsense. He agrees and thought --- "That
was a strange magic."

Bandit cut a mountain tree and make the "thing the woman ordered". What was this and how was the things. He
didn't knows this question. This was Kosho and an arm hook. Kosho means a chair. In a fine day, woman brought it
there, sit down under the sun or in the shadow of a tree and closed her eyes. Seeing that from a
man-point-of-view, all of them were really strange, sexy and seductive. Assistant person for this magic was
himself, but he anytime doubted and sighed for this magic result.

Lame woman combed her hair everyday. Bandit went and fetch a spring for it from exempt far away river. He
prized that exempt delicate things. He began and wants to be a part of a magic. He wants to pulse her black hair.
"No, your hands are dirty." She sweeped off his hands and she scolded. He put back his hands like a child, was
shy, and he thought borning as a black hair, just like an unknown dream. Black hair makes gloss, tie, out her face
and makes beauty.

"Just this..."

He fumbled with comb and ornamental hairpins. Until now, that things are nonsense and no value for him.

But now, there have the magic power. The magic power was soul of a thing. Things have a soul, too.

"Don't touch. Why do you want to touch everyday?"

"I wonder why"

"What are you wondering about?"

"I just don't know."

He was shy. He was "surprised". But he couldn't know what to do with them for.

He was afraid of the city. This fear was not terror. It was shyness and anxious for unknowing the city. It was just
like a "even well-informed person having anxious and shyness". When woman told about "the city," he was afraid.
He never felt to be afraid of "able to look things". He didn't get used to shyness, and anxious too. Yet he have
only hostile feelings against the city.

He thinks and satisfyed as thinking : "Ppeople from the city cannot beat me." He recalled but couldn't find
anxiety in his every past. He noticed this fact which made him feel really good time and he boasted. He
contrasted woman's beauty with his strength. He had little trouble only on a wild boar. But really that was nothing
of a trouble. He can afforded that.

"In the city, what kind of people are living?"

"Samurai with a hair bowed live there."

"Ha-Ha-Ha. A bow? I can drop the child of sparrow in the valley. In the city, there lives a hard skin people which
a breakes KATANA?"

"Armored Samurai live there."

"Can the armored break KATANA?"

"Yes, it can."

"I can hold down a wild boar, a bear too."

"If you really a tuff guy, I want to come together to the city. I want to decorate me with my favorite things and
city essence by your power. If you can really amuse me, you are actual a tuff guy."

"It's easy."

He decided to go to the city. He thought of giving a beautiful combs, ornamental hairpins, Hashi, Kimono, mirrors,
lipsticks and all of city essence to her in few days. His worry was a different thing. Had no relations in the city,
and this was cherry forest.

A few days later, maybe it was becoming to be the season of full opening of the forest. This year, he was
determined. To sit in the center of full of cherry forest. He secretly went to cherry forest and look a bud. At
least 3 days. He said to woman who hurried up their departure.

"You even haven't finish preparing," She frown. "Don't keep me in suspense. The city calls me."

"But I have a promise."

"You have? In this deep of mountain, to whom have your promised?"

"Yes. Ah, there's nobody there. Um... But, I have a promise. Sure."

"That was a strange thing. Can you promise to nobody?"

He couldn't tell a lie, now.

"The cherry flower will bloom."

"Did you promise to cherry flower?"

"The cherry flower will bloom. Because I must look this. After that I will go."


"Because I have to go under the cherry forest."

"Yes, sure. And why are you going and look that?"

"Because flowers bloom."

"Flowers bloom, so why?"

"Because under the flowers, the cold winds freese everything over."

"Under the flowers?"

"There is no end under the flowers."

"Are there anything under the flowers?"

He unreasoned to himself and crumple up him.

"Take me along."

"Can't," Bandit said. "I'll be on my own."

Woman smiles wryly.

He looks "a wry smile" for the first time. He never before knew such unkindness of it. He didn't understand what
"unkind" means, but he understand that it "cannot be cut by KATANA". A wry smile carve his brain. When he
resembled it, this was painful just like to be cut by KATANA. And he couldn't cut it off.

3 days later.

He departed secretly. Cherry forest was full. When he stepped in, he remembers her wry smile. It cut in his brain.
It was the sharpness he never felt before. He only felt chaos in it. Coldness under the flower came in a rush from
the nerve end on every side. His body was exposed to the wind at once, went to transparent, on every side wind
was blowing and went, only wind was tense yet. Only his voice screamed. He run. What an empty air. He cried,
prayed, struggled, writhed and moved to run away. When he realized he had reached far end from under the
flower, he felt as if he came to himself from a dream. Different dream was gasping for breath, and his body

--to be continued--

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